Red Bull Mini Drome London

22 01 2011

While Ben Broomfield was shooting serious track racing up North, I was hanging out at the world’s “smallest rideable velodrome” in Bethnal Green’s York Hall. This truly tiny track hosted the Red Bull Mini Drome 2011 London race.

The York Hall usually sees boxers doing whatever it is that boxers do. On Saturday night 15th January 2011, it was full of fixed-gear riders getting wired on a popular energy drink racing each other until one catches up or flies off the track. 100 registered racers went through the qualifying heats to the main race. Results are here.

Red Bull Mini Drome London

Red Bull Mini Drome London, Roman Skyva for Bicycle Images

Juliet Elliott and Chris Akrigg

Juliet Elliott and Chris Akrigg, Roman Skyva for Bicycle Images

lfgss photowall

1 09 2010

bicycleimages is putting together what promises to be a huge project for lfgss at the London cycle show. We’re designing not one but TWO photowall mosaics reflecting london fixed gear cycling culture and the impact that the lfgss forum has had on it’s member community as well as london cycling in general.

The mosaics are likely to consume something in the region of 3,500 (yes, that’s correct, three and a half thousand) images; the larger of the two walls will be 4 metres  by 2.5 metres. Not only that but we’re looking to build the photo wall up on site in 3D relief.

As if that’s wasn’t enough of a challenge, we have a couple of days over ONE month for the project. That’s start to finish.

To be honest we have no idea how this project is going to turn out. It’ll either be awesome, or a comedic failure of epic proportions. Either way it’s gonna be a lot of fun (and hard work). We’re not even sure how the mosaics are going to be put together at this stage – it’s even possible we’ll have to write our own software to pull this off.

So, first off,  a call to image contributors. Whilst bicycle images has a huge library of bicycle images, not all are london or lfgss centric. So we’ve set up an email address and are asking all members of lfgss to email MEDIUM RES (600-1400 pixel, long edge) photographs to You must have permission from the subjects All contributors will be credited so please include your full name with your submissions.

From there we’re looking for willing volunteers to help put the physical mosaics together as well as any techie-types who want to explore writing some software to generate the mosaic.

Finally, we’ll be tweeting our progress on this regularly, so check us out on for random updates as to our likelyhood of success.


…part two of the story is here.


1 09 2010

new twitter experiment – check us out here..

The EHBPC is shortlisted for LCC’s Best Community Cycling Initiative

1 03 2010

The first ever European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship was this summer in London, directed by our own Roxy Erickson. We’re keeping our fingers crossed as she has some tough competition. Whether she wins or not it’s fantastic that London is stepping up in it’s support for cycling and it’s great that Roxy is competing against the Mayor!!

Other nominees are:

/Shortlisted: London Borough of Hounslow and Skyride partnership team/

/Project: Mayor of London’s Skyride Hounslow /

/Nominated by: London Borough of Hounslow/

/Shortlisted: Norwood /

/Project: Get On Your Bike Barnet/Cycle My Way Redbridge /

/Nominated by: Lee Salmon, Norwood/

/Shortlisted: Roxy Erickson, director EHBPC/

/Project: European Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship/

/Nominated by: Oliver Schick /

/Shortlisted: STA Bikes/

/Project: Cycle Training and Bike Maintenance on Hackney Estates (Bikes
on Estates Project)) /

/Nominated by: Sally Haywill, STA Bikes/

Urban Velo blogs Roxy

1 03 2010

New book on fixed gear with photos by Roxy Erickson

1 03 2010

Fixed_Hi-ResAndrew Edwards and Max Leonard have written a great book covering loads of different aspects of Fixed Gear Bikes and the many different cultures surrounding them. Roxy’s photos of the London Tweed Run and Hardcourt bike polo.

We are proud to support others who are working to support bikes. Well done to Max and Andy and of course we’re glad that you’ve used Roxy’s images!

You can purchase the book here.

Roxy on the cover of Urban Velo

1 03 2010

Check out the latest issue of Urban Velo. Great mag covering the every day’s of urban riding along with, in our opinion, more interesting articles like how to weave your way through City Hall in order to get more cycling rights.


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